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By Tom Tittle This is Pat. Pat has a hat. Pat has a cat. Pat has a hat and a cat. This is Nat. Nat has a bat. Nat has a cat. Nat has a bat and a cat. Nat’s cat is a fat cat. Nat’s cat sat on Pat’s hat. That made Pat’s hat flat. Pat got mad at Nat’s cat. Pat’s cat got mad at Nat. Pat’s cat acted like a brat and scratched Nat’s bat. That made Nat mad at Pat’s cat. Nat and Pat got into a spat. “Drat,” said Nat, “your cat scratched my bat.” “Rats,” said Pat, “your cat sat on my hat and made it flat.” “Your cat is too fat,” Pat said to Nat. “Your cat is a brat for scratching my bat,” Nat said to Pat. “My cat is no brat,” Pat said to Nat. “My cat is not fat,” Nat said to Pat. “Fat, fat, fat! Your cat is too fat,” Pat said to Nat. Nat got mad at that. “Brat, brat, brat! Your cat is a brat,” Nat said to Pat as he snatched up his scratched bat. Nat wiped his feet on the mat. Then Nat and his cat went in the house. Nat looked back at Pat. Pat looked sad. Nat felt bad that Pat looked sad. So Nat went back to chat with Pat. Pat was glad that Nat came back to chat. “I’m sorry I got mad. It’s only a scratch on the bat,” Nat said to Pat. “I’m sorry I got mad. Look! My hat is no longer flat,” Pat said to Nat. “Let’s play,” Pat said to Nat. “Okay!” Nat said to Pat. And that was that, the end of the spat. Copyright © 2009 MightyBook, Inc. All Rights Reserved

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