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by Melody Keyes A Ball What is a ball? A ball is a toy. A ball is round. It is fun to play with a ball. A ball is used for games. Some games have little balls. Some games have big balls. It is fun to play ball games. A Moth What is that bug? It is very pretty. I have never seen one like it. It is black and white. It has wings. It is sitting very still. The bug looks like a moth. I am sure it is a moth. A Picnic Mother and Daddy wanted a picnic. They wanted to go to the lake. Mother made all the food. Daddy took the food to the car. The children were ready to go. But it began to rain. The family was sad. Then they learned a picnic indoors is fun, too. Billy “I am a pony,” said Billy. His brother said, “Good, I will ride on your back.” Billy said, “Oh, no, I am too little.” Billy’s mother said, “I will give you grass to eat.” Billy said, “Oh, no, I do not eat grass.” Billy’s father said, “I will make you a home outside.” Billy said, “I will like that.” But when it got dark Billy wanted to go inside. The Bird Saves the Day The man was ill. He had a bad cold. He could not smell anything. His pet bird fell over. The man knew what that meant. There was not enough air. He called for help. Soon the man and bird had fresh air. The man knew he had a special pet. The Book Is Lost Matt said, “My book is lost.” Matt told everyone he saw. He looked and looked for his book. But he could not find it. No one could find his book. Matt asked his mother, “Can you find my book?” Mother said, “Yes, I can find your book. It is on the book shelf where it belongs.” Ducks See the ducks. The ducks like the water. The big ducks are hungry. They dive under the water. The big ducks find food under the water. Now, the big ducks are not hungry. The little ducks are hungry, too. They dive under water, too. The little ducks find food, too. The big ducks showed the little ducks how to find food. The Green Grass Daddy said, “Our grass looks good.” It is pretty and green. The rain will keep it green. The rain will help the grass grow. The rain made clover grow, too. Daddy did not like clover in the grass. He wanted the clover to go away. Daddy got a little rabbit to eat the clover. Mother said, “That is clever!” Kites Cold weather was gone. It was time to go to the beach. Jeannie liked to walk on the warm sand. James liked to build sand castles. But most of all they liked to fly kites. The wind was just right to take the kite up high. The sand was just right to run on. And the sun was just right to warm them. The Egg One day, a hen found an egg. It was a very large egg. "Someone has lost an egg," said the hen. "I will sit on the egg to keep it warm." The hen sat and sat and sat on the egg. One day, the egg hatched. A baby ostrich came out. The baby ostrich thought the hen was its mother. "You are very large," said the hen. "There is more of you to love." The hen and the baby ostrich were happy together. Copyright © 2009 MightyBook, Inc. All Rights Reserved

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