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Pardon me for cutting in, Valentine, but my affection for you has been building up for a long time. Don’t want to horn in, Valentine, butt you’re the kid for me. Quit horsing around, and be my Valentine. A little note for you…you’re my favorite valentine. There “snow” doubt about it. I want you for my Valentine. I’d like to “planet” so that we’re Valentines. “Yukon” rub noses with me, Valentine. Hello, Valentine…a little push to swing my heart your way. I’m just wild about you, Valentine. “Police” be mine. I don’t want to horn in, but won’t you be my Valentine? You auto be my Valentine. Let’s seal the bargain. Honest engine! I want choo for my valentine. I’ve bean looking for a valentine like you. Why not string along with me? Hi, cookie. You suit me to a tea. “Accordion” to this, you’re mine. Don’t be a “dumb cluck!” Be my Valentine. It’s plane to see. I want you for my Valentine. I’d like to “train” you to be my Valentine. I could get “row-mantic” over you. Just want you “tub-be” mine, Valentine! Could you “o-range” to be mine? I’m plum crazy about you, Valentine! We’re a “purr-fect” pair. Copyright © 2009 MightyBook, Inc. All Rights Reserved

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