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Once upon a time, there lived a mother duck with six cute yellow ducklings and one strange looking gray duckling. The gray duckling was very unhappy. His brothers didn’t want to play with him. He felt that nobody wanted him. One day he ran away. He asked every bird he met if they knew why he looked so different. They all told him they did not know any duckling as ugly as he. He went to live on a pond far from his home. There was plenty of food, but he was lonely. One day he saw a flock of beautiful birds flying away. They were white, with long slender necks and large wings. "If only I could look like they do," said the duckling. Winter came and the water in the pond froze. The poor duckling would have died if it had not been for a kind farmer who took the duckling home. When the duckling grew big the farmer set him free. The duckling went back to the pond where he saw himself in the water. “Goodness! How I've changed! I hardly look like myself!” One day, the flock of beautiful birds came back to the pond. They looked just like he looked. He went to swim with them. One day, he heard children by the pond say, "Look at that beautiful swan!" He was so proud. The ugly duckling was now a beautiful swan. And he lived happily ever. The end Copyright © 2009 MightyBook, Inc. All Rights Reserved

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