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Early one morning when Alexi and Pexi went out to play, the grass was so wet their shoes got covered with water. “Why is the grass all wet?” asked Pexi. “Did it rain?” “No, this isn’t rain. This is dew,” Alexi answered. “What causes dew?” “Well, that is a complicated question, but I guess you could say that dew starts with moisture in the air,” said Alexi. “How does moisture get in the air?” Pexi asked. “Well, the moisture in the air comes from the dew on the grass.” “It sounds like you are talking in circles,” said Pexi. “Yes, I am. It’s a cycle that repeats itself. As the air heats up during the day, the liquid dew evaporates and turns into water vapor. The water vapor rises from the ground and puts moisture in the air.” “And then it turns back into dew?” Pexi asked. “Correcto-mundo,” said Alexi. “As the night air cools, it reaches a temperature that causes the water vapor to condense into liquid water, which is dew,” Alexi explained. “And we’re right back where we started,” said Pexi. “Full circle, with the dew clinging to the grass…” “…until we walk on it, then it clings to our shoes,” Pexi interjected. “Well, as the old saying goes: If you don’t want a wet shoe, don’t walk on the morning dew.” Copyright © 2009 MightyBook, Inc. All Rights Reserved

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