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By Michael O'Toole

Mommy and Daddy are going to the movies tonight.

That means the baby sitter will come, and we will have pizza and popcorn.

Donna is our baby sitter. She is very old. She goes to high school! But she is very nice.

She plays games with us. I like to play checkers, but my little sister, Angela, likes to play Old Maid, so we have to play two games.

Then Donna reads books to us. My favorite book is Marvin K. Mooney, Will You Please Go Now, by Dr. Seuss. My little sister, Angela, doesn’t like that book, so we also have to listen to her favorite, Curious George.

Then Donna makes popcorn, and we watch cartoons on television. Sometimes, my little sister, Angela, goes to sleep on the floor. Donna picks her up and puts her in bed where she falls sound asleep.

Since I’m bigger, I get to stay up until 10 o’clock, because it is Saturday night.

When I wake up the next morning, Donna is gone and Mommy and Daddy are here. Donna is very nice, but I like Mommy and Daddy better.

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