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By Anne Elizabeth Eaves

Barnyard babies, let's go see
How many we can count in this menagerie.

"I'm a little baby lamb, I live on the farm.
I've got lots of wool on me to keep me nice and warm."

Barnyard babies, there's just one.
With a friend he would surely have more fun.

"I'm a little baby pig, I wallow in the mud,
It's okay if I get dirty, Momma said I cud."

Barnyard baby, number two,
This one has a tail that goes curlycue.

"I'm a little baby colt, I live in the stall.
I stay nice and dry in there when the raindrops fall."

Barnyard babies, one, two, three,
They're all as cute and lovable as they can be.

"I'm a little baby duck, I like to be outdoors,
My feathers keep me warm and dry even when it pours."

Barnyard babies, we've seen four.
Watch and see and maybe we can count some more.

"I'm a little baby calf, I stay near my mother.
She always watches over me more than any other."

Barnyard babies, she makes five.
Sing along and count them all as more arrive.

"I'm a little baby chick, from an egg I hatched.
I like to be out in the yard where I can peck and scratch."

Barnyard babies, this makes six.
But I see one that we can teach to do some tricks.

"I'm a little puppy dog, I can bark real loud.
I'll be a watch dog one day soon and make my master proud."

Barnyard babies, that's eleven. Oops, I must be seeing things,
that's just seven.

"I'm a little kitty cat, I stay in the house.
When I'm bigger I'll be busy tryin' to catch a mouse."

Barnyard babies, number eight,
I'm sure we haven't seen them all, just you wait.

"I'm a little billy goat, they call me a kid.
I'll grow up big and gruff like my daddy did."

Barnyard babies, that makes nine,
All the babies on this farm look just fine.

"I'm a little bunny rabbit, watch me hippety hop.
My ears stand up straight and tall, they don't go flippety flop."

Barnyard babies, that makes number ten.
I think we have seen them all, now it's the end.

The End

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