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By Anne Elizabeth Eaves We can only wonder how the cat went "moo" and the cow "meow." This whole thing was turned around. Don't cats make a "meow" sound? And I'm pretty sure that cows go "moo." In fact, I'm positive, aren't you? But something else has gone astray; the cow drank milk, and the cat ate hay! That silly cat ate her food, just like cud she chewed and chewed. The cow didn't mind, she was none the crosser, she just lapped up milk from a saucer. When the milk was all consumed, it was time for getting groomed. With some very cat-like moves, the cow began to lick her hooves. To make things stranger than they were, I thought I heard the cow go "purr." Now a cow that meows is bad enough, but a cow that purrs? That's serious stuff! It was time to call the doctor, and what she saw there really shocked her. The cat was in the meadow grazing, the cow was on the sofa lazing. The cow was led out with a rope and checked out with a stethoscope. To get the cat to cooperate, the doctor promised not to operate. The doctor said, "It's plain to see. It's a case of mistaken identity." Somehow the cow and cat got mixed up, now the doctor would get them fixed up. But before the doctor had her say, the cat jumped up and ran away. And the cow climbed up a tall birch tree, and soon got stuck there helplessly. Firemen came with sirens blaring, this rescue would take some daring. Up the ladder the firemen hurried, to help the cow who was getting worried. They lifted the cow off her perch and carried her down from high in the birch. The farm was swarmed with news reporters, carrying cameras and tape recorders. Everyone there went "aah" and "ooh," as the cow went "meow" and the cat went "moo." The doctor thought she had found a cure, but there was only one way she could be sure. The cow and the cat looked deeply into her eyes, and abra cadabra, they were hypnotized. The doctor whispered into their ear, in a voice so low only they could hear. We'll never know what the doctor said, but whatever it was, it stuck in their head. From that day forth, they knew what to do: the cat went "meow," and the cow went "moo." Copyright © 2009 MightyBook, Inc. All Rights Reserved

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