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By Barbara Chatam Smith Guz and Dingo, the sharp-eyed dog, started their day walking in Lakeland Park. People laughed when Dingo stood up and shook his body. He looked as if he was dancing. Dingo saw something moving. It was a turtle that moved slowly and beautiful butterflies flying. Dingo barked, and the turtle went into his shell. Dingo barked and barked. The turtle crawled away under the bush. "Quiet, Dingo, quiet." To Dingo's surprise, up hopped a frog. Dingo barked, and the turtle got away. Dingo played with the frog. Quickly, the frog hopped away. Dingo hopped like the frog. Dingo tried to catch up, but the frog hopped into the flower bed. Guz gave Dingo food and water. Dingo ate his food. Then he laid down to rest and fell asleep. The butterflies, turtle and frog came back. Dingo with his sharp-eyes, woke up. Dingo's loud barks made the butterflies fly away again. The turtle closed back into his shell again. The frog hopped away again, while Dingo barked and barked. The turtle crawled slowly away, so Dingo stopped barking. He played with Guz. "Dingo you are a special dog," said Guz, “especially with your sharp-eyes.” It began to rain, so they left Lakeland Park. As they walked along the lake, Guz and Dingo saw a woman with her dog. Dingo jumped and jumped when he saw the other dog. SPLASH! The woman’s dog fell into the lake. The woman jumped into the lake to save the dog. Dingo ran to the edge of the lake. Guz yelled,"Come back Dingo!" But Dingo didn't come back. Dingo saw bubbles. He jumped into the lake to save the woman. The woman went under. But Dingo pulled her back to the top. The woman grabbed her dog. Guz grabbed the woman’s hand and helped her out of the lake. Dingo barked and wagged his tail. Oh! Guz was so happy because Dingo had saved the woman. Guz said again, “Dingo, you are a special dog.” Copyright © 2009 MightyBook, Inc. All Rights Reserved

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