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By Annmarie Elizabeth Curtis Gwendolyn the fairy lives in a library. She loves to be surrounded by books. Sometimes it’s dusty, and sometimes it’s musty, and sometimes she gets funny looks. The librarians don’t mind. They think it quite grand that Gwendolyn is there to lend a hand. When a CD is lost or a book can’t be found, Gwendolyn is always around. She looks high on the shelves... and low on the floor, and when she is done, it’s not lost anymore. Then one day, the librarians say “We can’t find this book, and it’s been here since May.” Gwendolyn says, “I’ll find it for you. Nothing is lost after I’m through.” She looks high; she looks low; she looks in places no books should go. Dressed as a detective, she looks in the mysteries. Dressed as a queen, she checks with the histories. Then, shivering, shaking, and dressed like a ghost, she looks in the section that frightens her most. She searches fiction, non-fiction, and large type. Looking for the book keeps her up all night. Frizzled and frazzled and ready to quit, she checks one more place and hopes she finds it. She trudges to media with videos and CDs. There, she discovers two book-stealing thieves! “What are you doing?” Gwendolyn shouts. “Don’t you know that the book is free to check out?” Free to check out? Who would have guessed? The thieves exchange glances; both are impressed. One thief speaks up, “What do we do to check out this book, if we wanted to?” “That’s easy,” Gwendolyn says with a smile. “We take down your name, and we keep it on file.” She leads the two thieves down to Registration, where they wait for a librarian with anticipation. When the clock strikes nine, they form the head of the line. A librarian comes to the desk and says, “Next, please.” Gwendolyn steps forward with the two thieves. “We’d like this book,” they say, heads hung in shame. The librarian nods. “First, I will need your number and name.” She takes down their names, and then all is done. With library cards, the thieves can have library fun. They check out their book. Then, they go away, but they promise to return it the very next day … and they did. THE END Copyright © 2009 MightyBook, Inc. All Rights Reserved

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