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By Celeste Friedman Oh, shiver me timbers for pieces of eight That's why I sail the sea! Oh . . . I'm a mighty sailor man (I sail the sea) I live on the ocean, I have a great tan! (I sail the sea) There's so many stories of sailors been told I'm just like the rest of 'em, lookin' for gold I never get sea sick, I'm brave and bold That's why I sail the sea I sail the sea, I sail the sea I know that it's a pirate's life for me Oh, I sail the sea, I sail the sea Oh, shiver me timbers for pieces of eight That why I sail the sea! Oh . . . Captain Morgan, he rings his bell (I sail the sea) A dangerous pirate, 'cause he really smells (I sail the sea) No longer do we sail for the Queen But, for diamonds and glory, the pirates dream Sail all ye men to the Fiddler's Green That's why I sail the sea! Oh . . . In my ear I wear a gold ring I have a parrot, I teach him to sing The songs of the rovers, The Barbary Coast "Yo Ho Ho", we sing that the most "Blow Ye Winds", "The Cuckoo's Nest", "Ar Fa La La Low", I love that the best Show me the way to the treasure chest That's why I sail the sea! In 1780 it was a good year For I and me mateys, the real buccaneers Did capture the Dolphin, a Spanish prize At Portobello, but barely survived They say we're dead, but we're still alive That's why I sail the sea! Copyright © 2009 MightyBook, Inc. All Rights Reserved

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