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If I were a little fish in the sea, Just imagine what I would see. What that I would see... Fish that are purple. Fish that are gold. Fish that are timid. Fish that are bold. Fish that are strip-ped. Fish with spots. Fish that are thorny. Fish with knots. There goes a porpoise Swimming so fast. Here comes a big whale, My what a splash! What's that scary thing? Yikes, it's an eel! What's that hairy thing? Why, it's a seal. If I were a ittle fish in the sea, Just imagine what I would see. Fish that have long swords, Fish that have wings, Fish with hammer heads, Fish that can sting. Fish that go slowly, Fish that go puff, Fish that are friendly, Fish that are gruff. Look, there's a sting ray, See how he glides. There goes an octopus, Trying to hide. Everybody scat! Here comes a shark. There goes a dog fish Bet it can't bark! If I were a little fish in the sea, Just imagine what I would see. Fish that hitch a ride, Fish in their schools, Fish that always hide, Fish that are fools. Fish with funny faces, Fish with long heads, Fish they call silver, Fish they call reds. Here comes a sea horse, Where are his legs? There goes a mother fish Laying her eggs. I see a sea snake Slithering by. And a flying fish Jumping so high. If I were a little fish in the sea, Oh that would be so much fun. Just imagine what I would see! Just look all those fish. Copyright © 2009 MightyBook, Inc. All Rights Reserved

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