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By Anne Elizabeth Eaves Is that a bus or is it a barn, or some other kind of contraption? When that thing went by it always got the most curious kind of reaction. It didn't go honk, it quacked like a duck and quaked like a rattly bus. Some people thought it ought to be called it a "duckbill platy-bus." But others called it a Barna-bus, and that's the name that stuck, Partly because of the way it looked and partly because of luck. And wait'll you see what was at the wheel, driving that Barna-bus. It was creature named Gus who was actually an octo-porka-mus! He was something like a hippo, with a pig tail on his seat, And eight octopus tentacles in place of hippo feet. You might think that Gus was one of the oddest looking creatures, But there were things that rode that bus with much stranger features. Let's just call them "jungle bungles," a strange menagerie, Of the oddest mish-mash animals you would ever hope to see. When the Barna-bus made a stop in the village of Kaboose, One crazy critter got on board, a rare mous-oosa-moose. It had a tail just like a mouse, and the antlers of a moose, And soft, white downy feathers with the long beak of a goose. But something even stranger would get on the Barna-bus, A wild and wooly thing they called a cam-bun-oceros. It had a rhino's pointed horn and a funny camel's hump, Plus a bunny's cotton tail instead of a camel's rump. The passengers who rode this bus never jeered or heckled, Because all these "oopsa daisies" were equally fishmeckled. When Gus drove the Barna-bus to the village of Kerplunk, Waiting at the station was a big gir-ele-phunk. It was more than half giraffe, but had an elephant's trunk, And its bushy tail and stripe made it look much like a skunk. No sooner was he seated than he began to sing a song, And it wasn't long till all the others began to sing along. Merrily, merrily went the Barna-bus on to Willa-Willa, Imagine what would get on board...a huge zo-rang-orilla! This creature featured zebra stripes from its toes up to its crown, It's arms orangu-dangled, and it wore a gorilla's frown. But it wasn't long until his frown turned into a smile, As several of the creatures hokey-pokeyed down the aisle. Even as the fog rolled in, the mood was bright and sunny, All the creatures clapped and sang and acted very funny. Through the fog went the Barna-bus across a bog to Mackatee, Where a passenger got on board, a thing they call hog-yakitty. This thing was shaggy like a yak with puffy wart hog jaws, Yet it walked so very gracefully on little kitty paws. Although this beast was burlier than a wild hyena, It could dance and leap and twirl just like a ballerina. Everyone hoorayed and cheered and gave a loud ovation. They all enjoyed the trip much more than the destination When they reached the final stop in the city of Bizarro, They all stayed on board to make the trip again tomorrow. And that's the way it's been each and every day since then, For these mixed-up looking animals on a trip that doesn't end. This whole things seems so funny, you might even say bizarre, How they found a home on this thing that's just as odd as they are. So if you see the Barna-bus and hear the sounds of laughter, It's just a bunch of jungle bungles living happily ever after. The End Copyright © 2009 MightyBook, Inc. All Rights Reserved

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