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by Roger Carr SOUND: Junge drums SCENE 1: A girl’s bedroom. A 10-year old girl has just finished dressing to go on a make-believe backyard safari. “Jungle Girl” is wearing a pith helmet, oversize, baggy trousers she has probably borrowed from her father, a safari type jacket which has seen better days. She puts a water bottle in her safari jacket pocket and picks up her camera (a still digital camera with a large pre-view screen in the back). Jungle Girl put on her hat. Jungle Girl put biscuits in one pocket. She put a water bottle in another pocket. She picked up her camera. Now Jungle Girl was ready to go into the jungle. SOUND: monkeys screeching, birds calling, etc. SCENE 2: POV: Behind Jungle Girl’s head: Jungle Girl is lying on her stomach in tall grass at the edge of a fish pond (in the back yard), focusing her camera on a couple of large, lazy goldfish. The grass in the jungle was tall. Jungle Girl knew there was danger ahead. She used her elbows to move her along. Hist! There was a pool with fierce fish ahead. (SFX: water splash) She shot them…with her camera. (SFX: camera click) SCENE 3: Jungle Girl is lying on her stomach in tall grass. She has her camera to her eye. There is a banded “snake” (actually a green and yellow garden hose) crossing her path which she is photographing. The fish went past. Jungle Girl went round the pool. She knew there was danger ahead. Hist! A snake was crossing her path. (SFX: snake hiss) Jungle Girl did not run away. She shot the snake…with her camera. (SFX: camera click) SCENE 4: This illustration is a close-up of from behind Jungle Girl to show the pre-view of the camera screen. The screen shows the tail and hindquarters of a “tiger” The Family Cat. The snake went past. Jungle Girl moved on. She knew there was danger ahead. Hist! There was a tiger lashing its tail. (SFX: tiger roars) Jungle Girl moved slowly closer to the tiger. She shot it…with her camera. (SFX: camera click) The tiger went past. Jungle Girl moved on. She knew there was danger ahead. Hist! There was a lion chewing on a bone. (SFX: lion growls) The lion growled. It knew she was there. She shot it…with her camera. (SFX: camera click) SCENE 5: POV the rear of Jungle Girl. She is pointing her camera at the “lion” (actually the family dog). The lion went past. Jungle Girl moved on. She knew there was danger ahead. Hist! There were four giant rodents roaming. (SFX: rats screeching) The giant rodents had long, sharp teeth. She shot them with her camera. (SFX: camera clicks) SCENE 6: Looking from behind past Jungle Girl’s head into the pre-viewer of the camera: four sets of mouths and teeth. (actually Guinea Pigs in a cage). The giant rodents did not go past. Jungle Girl did not move on. Hist! There was a loud, roaring noise! (SFX: a lawn mower off in the distance. Hold under as it gets progressively louder) It was not a lion. It was not a tiger. Was it a cyclone that would destroy the whole jungle? SCENE 7: Jungle Girl has lost it. She has her head down, her eyes scrunched up, and is blocking her ears with her hands. Whatever could be happening that could so terrify Jungle Girl? (SFX: lawn mower sound gets louder) Jungle Girl had a sip of water and a biscuit. Then she stood up. The whole jungle had gone flat! Jungle Girl was mad. ‘Dad!’ she cried. ‘You’ve trashed the jungle!’ SCENE 8: A suburban backyard. Father has almost completed mowing the back lawn (they must have been away on holidays judging by the height of the grass remaining!). On the new-mown grass we have: An in-ground fish pond. A garden hose appropriately striped to be our “snake” (“Mother” watering the garden). A basking cat with appropriate “tiger” striping. Dog of type with lion’s mane chewing on a bone. A bottomless wire feeding cage with four guinea pigs. AND, our Jungle Girl leaping up and down in a tantrum. Copyright © 2009 MightyBook, Inc. All Rights Reserved

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