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By Richard Eaves 1. Green meadow with a deep forest in the background. Over in the meadow far away from town, 2. A mother owl pops out of a burrow and looks around for danger. Lived some burrowing owls in a hole in the ground. 3. A baby owl pops out of the burrow. Did I hear you say they live in the ground? Don't those owls know there's danger all around? 4. The mother owl nudges the baby owl back into the burrow. Wise mother owl knows, so when she goes for food, She makes her baby stay though he pouts and broods. 5. The baby owl pouts and looks out of the burrow Did I hear you say that baby's got to stay? Everybody knows that baby wants to play. 6. Mother owl flies away to hunt for food. Well, baby owl should listen, because mother knows best. There's trouble out there, away from the nest. 7. Several sets of scary eyes are watching from the deep forest. Did I hear you say there's trouble out there? What's lurking in the shadows, a wolf or a bear? 8. The baby owl comes out of the burrow and started chasing bug. The baby went to chase a little bitty beetle, 9. Suddenly, the baby owl stops and looks in horror. But then the baby saw a hungry old weasel. 10. A hungry weasel comes out of the shadows. Did I hear you say there's a weasel on the roam? Hurry, little owl, get back to your home! 11. The baby owl turns and starts to run for the burrow. Now, baby owls can't fly, but they sure can run. With little feet churning, the chase had begun. 12. The weasel runs after the baby owl. Did I hear you say the owl was being chased? 13. The baby owl pops into the burrow. Head for the burrow, and do it with haste! 14. The weasel sticks his head in the tunnel and sniffs around. Far down in the tunnel the little owl went. 15. The weasel jumps into the burrow. But the weasel came, too. He followed the scent. 14. Cut-away showing the underground burrow. The baby owl runs down the tunnel. Did I hear you say the weasel came down? I fear for the baby. Oh, this is making me frown. 15. Suddenly, the baby owl's foot gets stuck in a root. Then little owl's foot got stuck in some sticks. He couldn't get loose. It was an awful fix. 16. The baby owl struggles to get free. Did I hear you say the baby was stuck? Oh dear, oh dear, this is really bad luck! 17. The baby owl gets free and hides in small shaft below the main tunnel. The baby struggled free and found a place to hide. But the weasel wasn't fooled. He would soon be spied. 18. The weasel in the tunnel following the scent of baby owl. Did I hear you say the weasel was near? That poor baby owl, he's frozen with fear. 19. The baby owl starts to scream for its mother. Then the baby cried out, he screamed with fear. But he wasn't sure his mother would hear. 20. The weasel is just above the baby owl in the shaft. Did I hear you say the baby owl yelped? I really hope it works. This baby needs help! 21. Above ground, mother owl in flight turns to look back toward the burrow. His mother heard the screams. She flew like the wind, Back to her baby trapped in the den. 22. Mother owl makes a u-turn and flies swiftly back toward the burrow. Did I hear you say that mother owl was coming? 23. Back inside the burrow, the weasel stops and looks around when he hears the mother owl screeching. I hope it won't be long till that weasel goes running. 24. Mother owl quickly runs into the burrow. The weasel heard the wrath in the mother owl's roar, 25. The weasel runs out the back door of the burrow. And quickly found an exit out the burrow's back door. 26. The weasel is running across the meadow toward the safety of the forest. Did I hear you say that weasel did retreat? Now, the baby owl is safe, oh my, what a feat. 27. Mother owl is angry with her baby. Though mother owl is angry at baby's foolish game, All is soon forgiven; she loves him just the same. 28. Mother owl takes her baby under wing and gives him a hug. Did I hear you say it all ended well? That's the kind of a story I like for you to tell. Goodbye. Copyright © 2009 MightyBook, Inc. All Rights Reserved

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