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By Kid Media Music Well, now, there once was a cute little kangaroo rat, Who lived in the heat of a desert habitat. Because of the hot sun shining so bright, She only came out in the cool of the night. She only came out of her burrow at night. Smart little kangaroo rat. That's right. Well, now, she didn't fear the night when it was scary and things are a fright. Even in the dark, she hard nearly perfect sight. One night, she went out for a midnight snack. While she was munching, something sent chills up her back. What could have sent those chills up her back? Better look out little kangaroo rat! Well, she gave a loud squeal when she looked behind her. Sneaking up on her was a hungry sidewinder. She would have been a goner if he'd grabbed and ate her, But that snake was wrong to underestimate her. That snake was mistaken to underestimate her. Oh, now, she was a wise little kangaroo rat. She knew what to do to make that snake go scat. She started kicking sand in rattlesnake's face. To the snake's surprise she could kick quite a pace. She could kick that sand at a most impressive pace. "Well, you can eat my sand!" said the kangaroo rat. "Have a sand sandwich!" Ratty tat tat, ratty tat. Well, the hungry sidewinder had had enough, There was no meal here 'cause this cute rat plays rough. She's a pretty tough cookie, this kangaroo rat. Now what she did to her big adversary, The stories now told are almost legendary. She showed that old rattlesnake once and for all, You can win even if you're very small. Let's hear it for this cute little kangaroo rat! For she's a jolly good fellow, For she's a jolly good fellow, For she's a cute little, brave little, tough little, wise little kangaroo rat. For she's a cute little, brave little, tough little, wise little kangaroo rat. And that's the legend of the kangaroo rat. Copyright © 2009 MightyBook, Inc. All Rights Reserved

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