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By Roger Carr The dog in the log, in the wet swampy bog, had been sad and wanting a friend; feeling lonely at home, he had set out to roam, to find one, but just round a bend... ...a man with some sheep, had snatched him to keep, his flock from going astray; but a large angry ram. disagreed with the man, and with curly horns tossed him away. The dog in the bog, was stuck in the log, ‘though he wriggled and squiggled and squirmed; like a cork in the top, of a bottle of pop, he stayed stuck however he turned. Then a passing green frog, liked the look of the dog, and jumped on his nose to say “Hi!” Which tickled the dog, who popped from the log, and away ‘cross the meadow did fly. The dog from the log, found the little green frog, had hopped with him all of the way. “Be my friend,” said the dog. “Sure enough!” said the frog. “But I cannot hop a great way.” So the dog from the log, picked up the green frog, and raced with him back to his home. And from then to day’s end, played with his new friend, and never again did he roam. Copyright © 2009 MightyBook, Inc. All Rights Reserved

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