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By Kate Appleyard Cat looked at himself, passing the mirror in the sitting room. White and fluffy, with shiny black ears, Yes, he liked what he saw, but then he liked just about everything, except a bath. One day, when he heard the water run into the tub, he grabbed the brush, raced into the garden and dropped it behind a blackberry bush. Knowing he was in trouble again, he decided to disappear for a while. “Come here you silly cat,” mum shouted standing in the doorway waving a flannel. No way, cat thought and ran until he reached the railway station. He climbed onto a pile of coal, where several cats already held a meeting. “My name is Tinker,” a big ginger tabby introduced herself. “What’s yours”? “ Pardon? My name? I haven’t got a name,” cat replied. “Haven’t got a name? Whoever heard such a thing? Everybody has a name,” a black Tom hissed. There was a huge commotion, and the other cats on the coal pile told cat that nobody loved him, that’s why he had no name. Suddenly, cat felt very lonely. Slinking home, he sat in the yard crying. "Miaow, miaow." He was so sad, he never even noticed how dirty he was from all that coal. Mum and dad came out looking very surprised. “What’s that strange cat doing in our garden,” mum said. "It’s me, it’s me." Cat jumped up and down, did a flip and a flop and every trick he could remember, but nobody recognised him. "I wish that dirty animal would disappear,” dad sniffed. "Miaow, miaow, nobody wants me." Then cat had an idea. He ran into the garden and searched until he found the brush. Racing into the house, he made for the bathroom. He closed his eyes and jumped into the bath while they were watching. “That cat wants a bath. Get on with it,” dad told the children. It was the soapiest bath he ever had, but when it was over the children started shouting. “It’s cat, our cat all white and fluffy again.” “Hmmm, true, he’s certainly a mighty clean looking mouser now,” dad remarked. “Let’s give him a treat,” the little girl cried “I don’t want a treat; I want a name,” cat cried. Maybe they understood him. “Let’s name him Fluffy, or Kissy,” mum said. “You can’t call a proud cat Kissy. How about Macmighty?” “That’s a great name dad,” the little boy declared.Cat adored his new name, and now he knew that everybody loved him. Copyright © 2009 MightyBook, Inc. All Rights Reserved

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