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With over 1,000 books in our library and new books added monthly, EZTales has books to satisfy every parent, educator and child's need. Our "About Us" page has more information.

Simply click on a book cover and the story comes to life complete with colorful illustrations, engaging animation, word highlighting, voices and sound effects. Here's how easy it is:

Home Page Navigation

  • Walter The Whale will tell you how to navigate the islands and how to find your child's very own island.
  • Click on an island and it opens a treasure chest of books.
  • Each Island has one unlocked (free) book for your kids to enjoy.
  • After reading the unlocked book, click on the "Back" arrow and you'll be taken back to the six islands.
  • Now, Walter The Whale will tell you about the message bottle in the ocean. Click on the bottle and you are taken to "My Island." Here you will see a visual explanation of how your child is rewarded for reading by having their very own island. (Subscribers only)
  • You may also choose to click on another island and read that free book before clicking on the bottle in the ocean.
  • We encourage parents and teachers to allow their kids to help find the bottle in the ocean.
  • The characters on each island will wiggle when you click on them teaching children the connection between a computer mouse and its function.
  • The links at the bottom of page allow you to find out more information about us.
  • You can view our entire catalog by clicking on the "Preview Our Entire Catalog," link at the bottom of page. All of this content is accessible once you become a member.

My Island Navigation

Whether it's a family, a classroom or a school, once you are a subscriber you can activate, name and save as many Islands as you wish. You have to be a subscriber to create your child's very own Island.
  • Before you get to My Island page, you will be asked the age of your child for age-appropriate books to read from the My Island page.
  • Your child will now see their island, name it (My Island Window) and save the name.
  • Each locked character below the island on My Island page is connected to an age appropriate book to read.
  • Mouse across those characters and the title of that book will appear.
  • Click on that character and that book will play.
  • Once the book is finished playing, close the book and that character is now unlocked enabling that character to be "dragged" to the island or in the ocean around the island.
  • View Books You've Read – is a text button to the books your child has read on their Island.
  • The characters can be moved anywhere at anytime on the island page.
  • The "Save Island" button allows your child to save the characters where they put them on the island and move them around as often as they wish. They can also choose the color of their island, change it and save it as many times as they wish.
  • When coming back to their Island (By clicking on My Island button), their characters are saved in place.
  • Once you have saved the island, you can; 1.) Share your child's island online with friends and family by clicking on "Share Island" button allowing you to email, post to Twitter, Facebook etc., or, 2.) You can save your island to desktop by clicking on "Save Image To Disk."

    Please note My Island is considered a beta application exclusive to and is growing everyday.

Subscribe Now

  • To subscribe you simply click on the "Subscribe Now" button on upper right side of page.
  • You choose the appropriate subscription category allowing you to pay monthly or yearly. Monthly and yearly subscriptions are automatically billed. There is a discount for yearly subscriptions. You can cancel your membership at any time.
  • You can pay with PayPal, credit card or for schools, a purchase order.

Members Home Page Navigation

  • Members home page allows you to access our entire catalog of over 1,000 books, story songs, games and puzzles with the user name and password you have chosen when you subscribe.
  • You can access the books anytime, day or night from anywhere where there is an Internet connection.
  • Classrooms, schools and libraries can access from as many computers as they wish, all at the same time.
  • Once a member you can access our content by:
    · Alphabetical
    · Age
    · Category by each island
    · Search Function (by entering a title, author or keyword)

Favorite Books

A logged-in member can add their child's favorite books to, "My Favorites," allowing quick and easy access. (My Favorites text link at top of page)


  • We are adding 500 interactive Apps, bundled in groups of 5 to 10 books for the Google Play Store (Android platform) for only 99¢ per bundle.
  • Interactive App versions of our books will soon be available on the IOS Apple iPad platform as well.
  • We have over 500 Apps that are now available on both the Nabi and Vinci Tablets available in retail stores nationwide.
  • A "lite" version of our website accessible from your tablet's browser is being built now for both the Apple and Android platforms. (Due to Adobe Flash limitations on iOS and newer Android tablets, our books are presented as video without NEXT/BACK buttons or other interactivity.)