The Greatest Nursery Rhyme Never Told

For quite sometime now we have been trying to decide what kind of contest/promotion to sponsor for our subscribers. We came across an article about Nursery Rhymes which inspired our writing contest wherein we’re challenging kids to write their very own original Nursery Rhyme. We’ll be publishing the contest on the first of March.

Teachers, parents and kids love Nursery Rhymes and we hope that this idea ignites a firestorm of excitement about our children’s story writing contest.

The Greatest Nursery Rhyme Never Told.

What is your favorite Nursery Rhyme…and your Child’s? Whether it’s Humpty Dumpty or Itsy Bitsy Spider, the team behind is inviting classrooms, library reading groups and kids at home to write their very own original Nursery Rhyme. There will be four regional Grand Prize winners produced as professional animated interactive books. Every child is a winner in this contest because every story submitted will be published for all to enjoy. In addition, each of the Grand Prize winners will receive the nabi 2™ children’s tablet…the tablet that makes kids unstoppable!

The tablet that makes kids unstoppable!

The tablet that makes kids unstoppable!



 brings over 1,000 children’s story books and songs to life with colorful illustrations, animation, music, voice over, sound effects and word highlighting; All to help kids discover the joys of learning to read.  “In many cases nursery rhymes are a child’s first introduction to the written and spoken word, says Richard Eaves, Co-founder of So, we thought why not challenge them to use their imagination and write their very own Nursery Rhymes that we’ll publish in book form on our website. In the past, we’ve actually had some very clever stories written by kids which we’ve produced as animated books.” Here’s one called, “Music Madness.” (Link to book)






“Not only that, we’re encouraging all contestants to illustrate their Nursery Rhymes too! When you can get kids excited about a contest like this it does wonders for their self-esteem and along the way they’ll become more effective readers, adds Co-founder, Cliff Dew. There is academic evidence that nursery rhymes enhance a child’s phonological skills, which in turn helps them learn to read. And since day one, our subscribers have gravitated to our most popular category of animated books…Nursery Rhymes, including: Mother Goose, Beatrix Potter, Peter Patter, Aesop Fables and our serialized interactive Nursery Rhymes.” (Link to Cat and The Fiddle here.)

The Cat & The Fiddle

The Cat & The Fiddle








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